Check These 7 Signs To Know Your Spiritual Gift And Powers

Check These 7 Signs To Know Your Spiritual Gift And Powers

There’s a pretty big discussion about Spiritual Gifts and people who claim they’ve got plenty. Although everyone does have at least one spiritual gift, there are some of us who are closer to their heritage. These are the ones who never stop to amaze us with what they can accomplish.

I’m pretty sure you’ve already came across some ‘lists’ of the same matter. But let’s see what is really true about those genuinely ‘Gifted People’.

Difference between Spiritual Gift and Natural Born Witches

  • Not all who are genuinely Gifted become Witches. Some chose to ignore their gifts.
  • Also, not all Witches are born with their gifts. Some explore and develop them during their current life-span.
  • There is not better or worse situation. It’s all about choices. Gifts do not demand to be developed. But if the individual chooses to do so, fruitful results await.
  • In few words, Natural Born Witches are ‘genuinely Gifted’ people, who are also aware of their abilities and choose to use them. 

Signs You have a Spiritual Gift

1. You Have Troubles Sleeping during Full Moon and New Moon

It’s a fact. Most of the Gifted people experience sleep problems. Most of this turbulence is caused by the Lunar Circle. Normally, people should not be affected by the Circle of the Moon. However, the genuinely Gifted people, seem to have troubles when Lunar activity is most powerful. Track here the Phases of the Moon.

  • During the New Moon, new potentials are being born. The fertile ‘soil’ of the Astral Plane receives new ideas. At the same time, forces Death is also present, ripping everything that is not healthy enough.
  • During the Full Moon, the powers of manifestation are so strong that all nature’s magic reaches its peak. You can taste is in the air, trees can feel that, animals can feel that.

Gifted People are affected by the Lunar Circle because their powers most often come from the Moon. See here, where your Natal Moon is located according to astrology. 

2. You Regularly Wake up between 03:00 – 04:00AM aka ‘the Witching Hour’

Another sleeping issue is believed to be a sign of a Spiritual Gift. Ever heard about the ‘Witching Hour’ ? Well, this is believed to be the most interesting hour of the day, when all magical activity is boosted and weird things happen. 

A naturally gifted person, feels this power, and instinctively wakes up. However, these powers of your should be tamed and learn how to control them. If you do this, you will certainly understand more about why you are waking up.

3. Animals are attracted by You

Do you regularly attract the company of nearby animals as you walk? Does it come easy to you, to be visited by birds and animals? According to the Old Ways, regular visitings of 1. Animals, 2. Birds , 3. Butterflies are considered divine omens.

Moreover, animals ‘sight’ is completely different than ours. In fact they see the world in a completely different way. Hence, animals and birds see our ‘aura’ and our energy matrix. Genuinely Gifted people have a distinctive energy matrix, one that can be traced by animals. The animals are attracted by your energy and feel comfortable and protected by you, as they see the God in you.

4. Weird things happen when you are Emotionally Tense

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